Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

August 29, 2017

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy shows the steps and process how Mail247foryou gathers, uses and disseminates the actual information from the personal information for giving technical support service. Our privacy policy stated that if you agree to share your information with us this clearly indicates that we can use the information for support service according to the privacy policy.

How we take information

Mail247foryou gives online support solution services to customers by enduring online software & tools via telephone support line. Our tool will allow us to access customer computer system for which we further need some personal and technical information from customer by their permission by which it can help to provide customer service support.

Types of Information

Personal Info – Mail247foryou can ask you your first and last name along with phone number, email address & postal address for customer identification or for further contact if required.

Payment Info – We may ask the customer about their debit and credit card information for the purchase of our services, buy online or phone which ever suited/ comfortable to the customer. We will use third party payment gateway or process to identify or verify customer debit and credit card details for successful transaction.

Technical Info- We will ask for technical info at the time of resolving issues during the service time period.

These include:

  • Model of Computer
  • Type, make and Configuration
  • Installed software information

Why we use your information and for what?

To process the transaction, personal information may ask for completing the buying process of our service provided through merchant account and payment gateways.

The email address may also used which customer register to provide at the time of buying. Further use provides update on information related to the order which customer placed.
If customer agrees we can also send company newsletter, new and latest service information. The customer can unsubscribe from our message letter. Every mail will clearly define the unsubscribe tab for customer.

Remote Access Use

We provide online support service by which we can also use some supporting tools to access the customer system by remote. which enable the technician to access the customer’s system and try to find out the issue and fix it.
On the other hand just to protect customer’s data and information from infection, we will never access any of the customer’s system without prior consent. Company advice the customers to remain present at the time of computer fixing.

Our technician is well trained and highly qualified on same department which are clearly define do and don’t so that you can easily hand over the remote.

All customer confidential information will never be broken down. We will never ask any question like history of last visited website, passwords, profile etc.

Use of any Cookies?

Cookies are used as to store information of customer on hard drive by the web browser. Cookies keep a track on finding customer specification and preferences. This will also help customer to give technical support on a website while interacting with our support team. However, customer can any time change browser if the customer didn’t want to store information.

Record help session

We always monitor and record offline and online to grant user to end user to improve services better.

Log file

For collective use we may use IP address of the customer just to track your cost of worth health going.

Appendix Information

To ensure the protection of customer against frauds, Mail247foryou may annex customer personal information with we may get from other side. To credit determination company use, personal name or information to get a credit report according to law.

We never share any of the personal information to any other source on the third part, which are not associated with us.

Only some necessary information we may share to technicians, as they need them while fixing the computer issue.


We always safeguard the customer all information and other data. We use several technology/software to protect the customer data from any other outsider or anyone.


Sometime survey may happen so at that time we may share normal information like name, Contact no., ZIP Code etc. from survey rank and user to survey participants.